7 Reasons Why Working Out At Home Beats Going To The Gym

We all know working out will make us healthier, stronger, decrease our stress, increase our energy, and help us live longer. Why then is it so hard for us to stick with a program and go to the gym with consistency?

Don't let unpredictable weather, your self-image, or life in general disrupt your daily fitness routine. Here are 7 reasons to ditch the gym and workout from home.

1. Way More Convenient

No sitting in traffic driving to the gym. No waiting on a class to start or for the equipment you need. At your home, you can squeeze a workout in whenever it fits your schedule by throwing in an exercise DVD or logging into your Fitrme account and starting a new workout.

There's no better feeling than rolling out of bed and starting your workout before your "modern" brain can process what's happening!

2. Wear What You Want

Rocking neon leg warmers over stubbly legs with a polka dotted sports bra or a bro tank with form fitting 10 year-old bicycle shorts? Haven't brushed your teeth let alone your hair? No problem.

No one is there to even see what you’re wearing. You get to concentrate on your workout instead of on your fashion.

3. Listen to Your Music

At the gym, you're at the mercy of satellite TV and radio. Your only escape from it is to pop in your earbuds...which sucks because they NEVER stay where they belong!

When you workout at home, you can choose to workout in silence or listen to your favorite music as loud as you want.

4. Your Equipment

You don’t need a full gym with every imaginable contraption to get a killer workout. There are plenty of bodyweight workouts that are challenging and will get you in shape.

A resistance band, a bench, and some dumbbells in a variety of weight pairs is more than enough equipment to get a great workout for almost every fitness goal. If you want something more advanced, add an olympic lifting bar and weight plates.

5. Watch Your Muscles Work

Establishing the mind-muscle connection is the most effective way to get the most from your workout. It's easier to make that connection when you can watch your muscles contracting during a movement. Self-conciousness often makes this difficult at a gym.

At home, I can shed layers as needed to help focus on the movement and engaging the appropriate muscles properly.

6. Only Worry About Your Germs

It's absolutely awesome not to have to worry whether the super-sweaty dude carrying the gallon jug of water wiped down the equipment he was just using. Instead, you get to swim in your own sweat and clean it up at your liesure.

7. Crash Where You Are When You're Done

Whether your home workout was 20 minutes or 45 minutes, when it's over, you get to sprawl out in all your exhausted glory. Forgot about the next class coming in or who wants the exercise matt beneath you. No need to worry about the cleanliness of the floor or who might step on you. Enjoy that post-workout glow!

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